About Us

Groupfdf.com is an organization dedicated to spreading awareness about hunger and bringing an end to its reign in the UK. Far too many families go to bed without dinner every night, and thousands more do not know the source of their next meal. Despite popular beliefs, hunger is not an individual issue. Groupfdf.com understands the global effect that this problem has, which is why we are passionate about doing something.

Our staff is comprised of ordinary people who expect extraordinary results. We are not superheroes hoping to bring absolute harmony to the world; although, that would be nice. Our passion is food and having it evenly distributed among the masses.

It is estimated that around 800 million people go hungry every day. Among that number, approximately 24,000 individuals die from starvation on a daily basis. The number of children included in these figures is overwhelming. Shockingly, and in stark contrast to what many believe, developing nations are not the only regions suffering from record hunger.

More than eight million individuals in the UK struggled to put food on the table in 2016, and it is speculated that at least six people in England will die every month because of complications caused by starvation. These numbers are not ones that should be ignored.

We strive to live by the truth of equality on all fronts, which includes access to food. By spreading awareness about the problem, we hope to spark a fire that burns away hunger in the UK and the world. It is high time to stop thinking of malnutrition as a Third World problem and start looking into our backyards where our loved ones are dying due to compromised food security. We at Gropfdf.com are here to show you the realities of starvation so that, together, we can put a nail in its coffin.