Online Casino Bonus Donations

Group FDF stands for the wellbeing of the population in the United Kingdom and takes action on signs of hunger within poor families. By spreading awareness about the epidemic in the United Kingdom, we hope to reach out to people who are able to financially support our organization. With the help of donations, Group FDF is able to end hunger in the fastest and easiest way. Our organization recently started to host and organize different charity and fundraising events to expand the sources of donations. With the help of these events, more people seem to notice the danger and importance of helping the poor families from starvation. During our last event, the CEO of a very popular online casino platform in the United Kingdom reached out to our management. He suggested to collaborate in order to help out the less fortunate and to increase the number of donations. He told us that his very well-known platform is popular because of all the different bonuses. His idea was to combine the bonuses together with a reward system.

After our first meeting, we decided to discuss our ideas at their office based in London. The CEO came up with a plan to create a new reward system for loyal players at his online casino. With the help of an exclusive online casino bonus, players would be allowed to collect as many rewards as possible. By the end of the year, all the rewards are going to be paid out to our organization in order to help the people who are suffering from severe hunger. This new promotion should motivate online players to donate as much money as possible while playing their favorite online casino games. It’s not the first time that a gambling company is offering their help to charity and non-profit organizations. A dutch gambling platform also offers the possibility to donate your online casino bonus to an organization of your choice. The organizations range from medical care to the improvement of communities.

The idea has been developed to the realization of an exclusive bonus. First, we started a marketing campaign to give the players of the online casino some teasers in advance. After a month of dedicated teaser-publishing, we decided to officially launch the exclusive bonus. Right after the launch, online players started to collect their donations. By the end of this year, Group FDF will receive our first amount of gathered donations. With this money we will be able to support food banks and families by providing them with all the products that they need. Group FDF is really excited about this new concept and is very grateful with the collaboration. Together we are able to create a better place and together we can support all the people that are suffering from the hunger epidemic. Soon we will publish some more information regarding the online casino bonus and how to sign up for the bonus and reward points. Why not play your favorite game and donate money to people in need at the same time!