Take Action

Getting the facts about hunger in the UK is the first step towards ending the tragedy. You should strive to go beyond your country’s walls and explore how starvation affects adults and children throughout the world. It is not until you see the detrimental effects of severe hunger that you will come to appreciate the meals that you share with the family while being moved to do something about those in your community who are not as fortunate.

Speaking of those in your neighborhood, it is quite baffling to learn that most individuals in developed areas such as the UK go hungry right under their friends and family members’ noses. You should learn the warning signs of starvation so that you can recognize them in loved ones when exhibited. It could be that your friend is not greedy when he takes five plates home with him after a neighborhood gathering. He could be one who is making efforts to find some sort of food security.

The best way to become aware of the signs of hunger is to place yourself in the shoes of those starving. Would you come out and say, “You know, I haven’t eaten for days and would appreciate it if you all could take up a collection so that I can get groceries for the week ahead”? Probably not. The average person starving in a developed region such as the UK is too embarrassed to admit that there is no food in the refrigerator. He, hence, tries to get food here are there to ensure that he eats at least three times per week.

Putting yourself in the shoes of those less fortunate also helps you realize how bad it is not to know where the next meal is coming from. Such knowledge may add to your overall concern about the matter.

Of course, having the heart for the hungry does not go far if you are not taking action to decrease the number of people going to bed without food in your region. Donating to food banks and organizations dedicated to ending hunger is the fastest and easiest way to get involved. Sites such as uk.stop-hunger.org/ and endhungeruk.org/ offer platforms that teach you about starvation in the UK all while inviting you to donate to the cause of ending the epidemic. These sites are the best options when you want to learn and immediately act on what you have discovered.

Hunger is not going away on its own. We must act intentionally if we ever hope to see a decrease in the number of families going from day to day without food security.

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